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one sudden day I never saw him again.

So it all began like two weeks after getting kicked out of my home school.Everything was going good my boyfriend and I thought there was no point in breaking up sice we thought are love would last forever, but forever came sooner than we thought.It all started like any other day,except that before I went off to school I recceived a call from my homegirl asking me to skip school to go with her homeboys. I told her yeah since I really didn't feel like going anyways and there and then it happened!I met the guy off my dreams! He was dressed in blue with ablue cap to match it up with. fine was the perfect word to describe him, siriously.He asked for my name and number and if i was single ofcourse I lied and said yes. So I gave him my name and number.Later that day he called me and asked for "Shygirl." He told me if he could come see me and my answer was yes. So we talked all night long and then I went inside. The next day I skipped school again to go see him.He was very shy and wouldn't talk much. We then went inside the house were he told me he felt safe. so I sat in the bed while he sat in a chair.He was kind off farr from me so he told me " I'm to farr,let me get closer." and he did. He told me he needed a lady and he wanted me to be his lady. I told him I was going to think about it. So it got late and I was on my way home when he called me back in the house. Iwent to the room where he was and he asked for a kiss, and so we kissed.That day I got home and called the guy I ounce loved and broked up with him. Then on May 30, 2005 I got with the guy off my dreams.He would call me moms whiched I loved. I introduced him to my family and my mom even asked him to move in.We were togethere for 4 months so I think,because one sudden day I never saw him again.Months later I foud out he moved and had another lady,but what hurts is that he left me lonely and blue.I still see him on My Space with his other lady. I guess he dosen't realize how much I STILL love him!! Its been almost a year now and I'm still waiting for him, cuz he took something very special from me and I'm not talking about love. He knows what I'm talking about!!!!Cuz I do believe the god abouve created you for me to love cuz he chosed you from all the rest cuz he knew I'll love you best... I love you Rusty and it dosen't stop here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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