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So I fully cannot wait for summer vacation to come this year

This girl I've know for over 2 years and I were hanging out this last summer at the fair. I really liked her, but she lives over 100 miles away, neither of us can drive, and of course neither of our parents like the idea of us dating anyone. School started, and she had to go back home.

I've been going out with this girl who goes to the same school for just over 6 monthes, but it's like we're never really going out, because neither of us barely ever talk to each other or anything a couple should do. (Which is why we are breaking up)

Just recently, I was talking with my friend from over 100 miles away, who told me that while we hung out over the summer, she began to like me, just like I had liked her, but she did not want anyone to know. I told her that I really liked her over the summer at the same time. While talking, she asks me if I still would ask her out, but I said not right now, b/c out parents dont want us going out, and we would only be able to see each other over the summer. She said yeah, I know how you feel. We just both kept talking about how we both liked each other at the same time, but neither of us said anything. Finally, I said, hey, here's what we can do. We can go out over every summer and talk so much every school year until we can drive, then we could fully date. She said she loved that idea.

So I fully cannot wait for summer vacation to come this year.


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