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We have been dating every since

I once was in love with this guy but he would always hug me and say your the best little "sis" ever.I was crushed every time because thats all he ever thought of me as.He was my brothers best friend and was at the house almost every day....Then on my 14th birthday he came to my house and said he had a special gift for me.Since he is 2 years older than me he had a car.So we got in the car and drove to a small creek close to my house.I had thought everyone had forgotten my b-day because when i woke up no one was home.It turns out that the guy i liked had everyone go down to the creek with cake and presents to wait for me while he came and got me.When i got out of the car he started walking away but i just figured that he was just going to hang out with my brother.4 hours later after i had gotten out of the creek because everyone was swimming i went over to grab a towl.The guy was standing there and he handed me the towl then asked me to take a walk with him.As we walk down the bank he told me that he had liked me ll these years but didnt think i like him back until recently because my brother overheard me talking with my bestfriend about the guy i liked.My brother on hearing this rushed over to the guys house and told him how i felt.The guy then planed this whole thing and had been trying to work up the courage to ask me out.We have been dating everysince and i am now 16 and he is 18 and a senior and we plan to keep dating till i get out of high school and then maybe getting married


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