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2000 that was the last time I saw him.

I met my ex boyfriend of fifteen years at school on the first day, He was 12 and I was 14. We were in the same class for reading/comprehension. One of our classmates introduced us. Our classmate (whom by the way was sitting in the next desk on the left of me and I kind of had a crush on) told me someone wanted to go out with me( at that time I was always teased by some of the guys telling me they wanted to go out with me, I thought it was a joke.)He said it was true and pointed right at him, My ex smiled at me when I looked at him. Then I found out My Ex was going to ask me out to a school dance, a week later he told me he had another girlfriend, I was mad at him. He teased me and lied to me(In 1993), Spread rumors(in 1995). Then I started high school,he was still in Jr.High, I was relieved to separated from him. In 1995 He started high school, he would say hi to me every chance he saw me then later that year I asked him if he wanted to go back out with me he said no, he asked me the same question I replied maybe. In Febuary of 1996 he made a very bad Valentines day very special, He smiled at me when I got on the bus(He did it very mysteriously by holding up a book in front of his face and then relvieling his smiling face) I thought about him since and asked him back out Once. In July of 1997, he came up to our local mall to do something( I don't know what) he saw me and asked me how I was and I replied Thinking About you. so I told him how much I cared for him( I had strong feelings for him). He told me he cared about me too and also told me he would ask me out again. Then he ignored me and never asked me out because I found out he wanted to be friends with me. He makes me jealous( I think he also called me a freak and lied to me).Then I briefly saw him again until 2000 that was the last time I saw him.


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