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I'm 13, He's 20 - I'm Deceiving Him about my Age

I'm only thirteen but he's 20. On their way to Washington B and J stopped here to pick up some more shipments. B is an associate of my parents and he had J come with him to help with the driving and loading. The first time I met him I insulted him because he was a Virginian yet wore a cowboy hat. He was only supposed to be here for one day, but through that whole day he called me ma'am and was very polite. I scolded him every time.

Then they came back a little bit later and we started having fun, making small jokes together and he kept being nice to me. We laughed all night. I had just gotten off my cast and yet had to help my dad load heavy car parts. Every time I picked up something extremely heavy he would show great concern. Then later on he asked my parents if he could take me and my sisters ( I have three older sisters) to a street dance (over 2 hours away) from 9pm to 2am. All the guys in my school treated me like dirt and sometimes even called me dirt and yet here was a guy asking to take me to a dance (he hadn't even met my older sisters so I hoped it meant he liked me)! I was so happy.

I thought my parents would say yes for sure! I was a straight A student and very smart, but he didn't know how old I was. He thought I was like 15, because of how precocious I am. My parents said absolutely no! I couldn't believe it! I don't know what to do!


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