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He Makes Me Feel Special

I met this guy who I'd always seen about but never really knew. I thought he was the loud, cheeky, rude kind but I'll always remember the first day he spoke to me. He was the sweetest guy in the whole world and his smile just lit up his entire face. I've never seen anything more beautiful than that smile of his. He speaks to me sometimes, here and there and when he smiles at me my whole heart just dances. He makes me feel like I can do anything and there ain't nothing I wouldn't do for his lovin.

He makes me feel so special and confident in myself and I'm terminally love sick every time I don't see him. I can laugh with him like no other and when he stops and throws me a special "personal" smile I just collapse inside of myself. He's so handsome and I just want to make him mine.

I'm a young girl, not even 18 but I know I love him. He's the sunshine in my life right now and watching him leave is the hardest thing in the world. I hate to see him go but hopefully one day I'll be leaving with him and I won't have to say goodbye no more. But I'm running out of time and I'm praying and wishing that I get one more chance to let him know he's my ultimate. I treasure every moment with him and he has been a blessing in my life form day one. I love him.


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