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I will do everything to make her my mine again

My story started 10 years ago, we were 12 back then. Call it puppy love if you want but me and this girl had a mutual understanding about our situation. I know she loves me and she knows I love her and we just loved each others company and I thought she was my soul mate. Unfortunately fate stepped in before we could even take off. My family moved to another country so I had to say goodbye to her and we both cried hard, I'll never forget it. We never had any communication ever since, nothing, nada!
So back to present 10 years after. A friend of mine invited me to join this online profile thing for friends and whatnot and eventually I did. Since I never forgotten her and thought we still have an unfinished business I tried searching for her through this thing and I found her!(it's global profile database) I couldn't believe what I was seeing, I was soo happy I could die right there and then! So I found myself browsing through her pics, imagine seeing someone you trully love and miss after 10 long years! I almost cried. However it was not all good, browsing through her pics I saw that she has a bf already. Not that I'm not expecting her to have one it's just that she has a bf plain and simple! It didn't really scare me at all, I know that my love is pure and time tested. So I sent her a message just to let her know that I'm still alive. Not trying to win her back though...not yet. Unfortunately she won't answer my messages for some strange reason I don't know. So far I've sent her several messages over several months now but still no response. It's really driving me crazy wondering what I've done wrong and it's really breaking my heart. I still love her deeply and at the same time afraid that I might lose her again. Right now I could settle for a simple letter from her just to end all this, I just need closure. Still ever hoping though that we could continue where we left off. We are still young at 22 and I have a good feeling that her bf right now is just another bf just passing, so I may have a chance. On the bright side I still haven't received any email from her so everythings still pretty much up in the air and who knows how will it unfold. I just wish she would say something good or bad coz I don't want to get to a point where I have no other choice but to say goodbye. As you can see my story is not yet finished it's still unfolding and if only she would let me know where I stand I will do everything to make her my mine again. I PROMISE!!! MY LOVE!!!


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