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he gave me a beautiful necklace

My best guy mate and I had a wonderful relationship. We acted like a couple anyway, without the kissing bit anyway. Any free weekends were spent at the movies. However, I didn't fancy him and he fancied some other girl.

Then after a few months, he changed towards me. He no longer linked arms with me, we hardly met up and his texts were very short and sent late at night so we wouldn't be able to have 'text conversations.'

Anyway, one day we were speaking online and we sort of fell out; well i changed the subject before an argument could erupt but he quickly left. The next day, I went to email him an apology, when I saw an email from him. The email said how he had fallen for me and couldn't imagine life without me. I was so touched that I rang him up and arranged to meet with him that afternoon. When we met, he gave me a beautiful necklace and asked me to be his girlfriend. I asked him why he had changed so much (from not linking arms etc) and he told me at first he had wanted to get 'over' me by making me mad so I'd leave, giving him no choice. But then he realised he could lose me and he didn't want that.

So he put the necklace on me (I said yes!) and we've been happily going out for a year now. He's both my boyfriend and my best friend.


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