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Be careful when you give someone your heart because they might give it back to you in pieces.

This was the best 2 years of my life and the 6th day after our anniversary, she comes up to me and says we need to break up. Those words ate my heart to pieces and to come of it, we were your average couple. We were the high school sweethearts and we had a beautiful connection, both families loved one another, talked about everything. But then things went south, she started talking to this guy and hanging out with him more and I wsa getting worried about this but she told me not to worry I love you. Then all I know is that she wants to be apart and she told me that she needed to be alone for a while and it tore me apart. Next day, she is holding hands with the guy that she hung out with. I was in shock that this had happened the girl of my dreams and was the love of my life just gone out my arms. I asked her why are you doing this? And she told me that I had changed and she is in love with him now. I was so hurt and mad at the same time I wanted to kill him for taking her away from me. But the crazy part of it is that she says she will always love me and one day we will be back together. I'm thinking to myself this isn't happening but it was and I couldn't stop it. But when we are together just hanging out she wants to kiss me and tells me she loves me but when she is in front of our friends she just ignores me. Everyone asks me why do you still love her when she is hurting you? I can't even answer that because Idont know the answer to it myself. It has been about 3 months since we broke up and I still can't get her out of my head, thanks to her I lost all kinds of love in my heart and I haven't smiled since we broke up. Just to let anyone know love isn't all that great when you have no one to share it with it, or the person you want to share ut with doesn't love you at all. Be careful when you give someone your heart because they might give it back to you in pieces.


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