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He claimed he loved me

was a very naive student, listened to my parents, did great in school. Then through a friend i met this guy, he was very sweet. it felt like he was it. he could keep me happy for the rest of my life. We started seeing each other and soon started going out. He claimed he loved me and i was sure that i was madly in love with him. If once he said that my death made him happy i would give up my life that second. After three and a half months i unwillingly broke up with him without tellin him a reason. But the reason was that i didnt want 2 lie 2 my parents. It just felt wrong hiding sumthing from them. He stopped talkin to me completely however, i still wanted to be friends with him. He cried day and night and my life became miserable. In about 2 months, he started dating my very close friend. They broke up after two weeks because he wanted 2 date another friend of mine. even after all this i still loved him. I didnt go out with anyone til that point. Soon we started talking again, became friends. But then there were misunderstandings and he cursed at me, hated me, smacked me. He now says it that all of that happen because he couldnt take the fact that he got dumped.He is now madly in love with my friend. They want to get married. Me and him are close friends. Its been 13 months now. Im not completly over him but yes i started going out with this guy just a week ago. I hope this relatiosnhip works out. It was my stupdity to break up with him before. I do regret it but now that my boyfriend is keeping me happy and loves me a lotI dont regret it. I hope him and my friend do get married and live happily. Also, me and my boyfriend stay happy.


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