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We Met over Tea

Getting along with out any moral support is very hard, but it seems to be happening more and more these days. So I decided I needed a guy who would support me doing the right thing and have good character for himself too. I had just gotten out of a very abusing relationship and took a good look at my suroundings before I did anything.

My new job was going very well and I was getting used to the city so I started exploring. I bumped into him in an antique/herbalist tea shop, but he wasn't exactly looking for tea! He was trying to find a gift for his Mom's birthday and didn't know what to get her. I was just drinking my tea and he asked me what I would like if I was a 56 year old woman. I looked at him with the funniest look he just started laughing and then I started laughing. He said he didn't mean it like that.

We sat and talked for over an hour and decided to meet eachother again the following Sunday afternoon. The next meeting was even better! We kept seeing eachother every week and the next thing you know we were dating. We've been dating for 6 months now and I don't think it could get any better!


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