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I Liked Him - He Dated Another Girl

I was a young cheerleader and I really didn't believe in dating young anyways. He was an eighth grader and so hot, but I could never get up the courage to talk to him. So I kept my mouth shut.

Finally after a game I was cheering at and he had played at I got up the courage to talk to him. I didn't know what to say so I just asked how I looked in my cheerleading outfit. Right then his girlfriend walked up (I didn't know about her), and told me I was a little Knock-kneed to be a cheerleader and maybe I should go back to my play-pen. I almost started crying, I just walked away. I sat down on the bleachers and cried.

He walked in later and said he was sorry for his g/f. I asked him why he was dating her if she was such a horrible person. He said "she was probably the only person he could get" and I couln't believe it! Him! This cute hot looking guy. I told him that wasn't true. I thought I had made my proposal clear! He said "You know what you're right, thanks,Bye!" I couldn't believe it I had broken the ice and told him I liked him and was interested.

It all seemed to good to be true and it was. A week later I found out he had dumped his girlfriend and started going out with a freshman.


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