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In Love but Not Dating

She was the one. We met at the beginning of school, really didn't know each other. Towards teh middle of the year, we became best friends. One day, we were working on a project, but since we were both pretty ADD, we ended up talking about other stuff. We were talking about ex's, and I told her I did date, but not a lot. She was constantly going in and out of relationships. We went on talking and without knowning it, we were holding hands. After a while, I put my arm around her and she told me she was tired, so she rested her head on my shoulder. I looked at her and she blew me a kiss, but I told her "A kiss blown is a kiss wasted. The only real ones are the ones that are tasted". We leaned in and kissed. We were lost in each other, and before we realized it, 45 minutes had gone by. We decided to stay as close friends rather than go out, because that way, we couldn't break-up
(i.e. friends forever). We were closer than ever, and had all of the perks as if we were dating, without the officialness. She is the one.


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