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It's amazing what love can make you do

It's amazing what love can make you do. I met a girl online. Yes the ill fated long distance relationship that began online. Well anyways. We got together because we liked eachother. Little did she know I fell for her early. Anyways, one day I decided to call it quits because I wasn't feeling it. I was having feelings that come with every relationship but the long distance thing was a big sucky thing as well. Afterwards we talked online and then she called. I answered, "You've got guts" she said. I explained that I wasn't just not going to talk to her because we broke up. What she didn't know at that time was that I was feeling terrible for breaking up with her. We talked for hours on the phone and eventually got back together. Then things were going great. We broke up again. I said that I thought we should talk less. "WHAT THE HELL WAS I THINKING!?!?!" I yelled to myself. She said maybe we should just be friends. I said I was ok with it when really I wasn't. I was angry after we got off the phone. I drove to church that evening very dangerously. I sped, swerved, and cut people off on the freeway. Stupid I know. I love her though and I wasn't dealing with what happened very well. What we had concluded on the phone is that we could stay friends. I wasn't satisfied but since I love her I told her she should do what she needs to do and I will wait. So I get home that night after having a terrible time at church. I saw that she was online. I had no intention of talking to her because I wasn't quite ready. She messaged me "Hey loveydovey Josh". "I still love you dont think I don't" she said. We ended up talking and I told her everything I had been feeling and she told me everything she had been feeling. We made a promise that whenever we had something on our minds we could tell eachother no problem. We are back together again. This I know is the girl for me. The one I will marry. I may sound naive or whatever but that is my feeling. We love eachother very much and are in the best stages of our relationship. I am moving 1800 miles to be with her very soon. This is where this story ends for it is not yet complete. Let's hope for a happy ending.



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