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I guess i still do love him to this day.

last year, i had a little crush on this guy who was one year older than me. he was occasionally flirting with me but he was also talking behind my back and saying that he was hating me. I was hurt and started to hate him also, what i didn't know was that i still had feelings for him. That same year, i realized that wherever he was, i would always want to be there with him even though i "hated" him. i had no idea why i was doing this or what i was feeling. a few months later, he graduated and i never saw him again. i thought not ever seeing him again would make me happier. But during those next few months, i would always feel like there was a big hole in my heart, and everytime a slow song came on, all i could think about was him. i would cry everynight just thinking that i lost my chance and that he hated me so much. i had no interest in other guys whatsoever. in december, he came to visit our school but i wasn't there. when i came back; my friends told me that he was looking around and asking for me. that was the last that i ever heard of him. i guess i still do love him to this day.


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