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10 months later we're still together!

In highschool Chance was an athlete on the track and cross country teams and i was the student trainer.This was how i first met him,and oh he was gorgeous. Looking back now it makes me laugh because all through senior year i kept wishing that he was my age because i thought he was a year younger.Sophomore year went by and so did junior year and every once in a while we'd run into each other. We'd talk and seem to have a real connection.Senior year finally came around and i ran into Chance more and more.We'd talk and there always seemed to be something deeper than your normal small talk. At the time my brother was in indoor track along with Chance so when they had a meet in a nearby town i decided to go and "watch my brother." Between his events Chance and i and a couple of our mutual friends sat and played poker and just talked about everthing. Chance and i continued to flirt with each other and the connection continued to grow.That night after they got home i invited him to come and watch the basketball game. So after the game he started to head out so i told him i'd walk him out to his truck. I remember the night was so cold and crisp, it had snowed in the past week, and being the middle of winter the sky was crystal clear and the snow was glittering in the moonlight. As we walked we kept talking and by the time we got out to his truck neither of us were ready to stop talking. Instead of just ending the conversation and letting me walk back into the building alone( my car was behind the building) he offered to walk me back into the building so i wouldn't have to walk alone. We continued talking and walking back and forth until we'd finally reached his truck for the third time. I was walking on air by this point and told him i wouldn't mind walking back to the building alone, but invited him to the next days super bowl party. The next day he was there and the conversation continued and by the end of the night i knew what i had to do. Once again i walked him out to his truck but this time i asked him if he would be my date for prom and to my absolute joy he told me he'd love to. Months later when we were on the dance floor he finally asked me if i'd give him the pleasure of going out with him- 10 months later we're still together!


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