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You need to wait for love

My story is a story about love loss and waiting for it.
Everyones storys are diffrent in there own way and are really special to them.
I knew this guy tyler, and i thought he was pretty much amazing, and i didnt know how to tell him. Pretty soon we started talking alot more, and we started dating and i was so happy. Eventually our feelings began to fad and none of us wanted to admitt it, so we stayed together probuly alot longer then we should have, eventually he broke it off. I felt so lost with out him. and i felt i had to fight myself just to get up in the morning because it hurt so bad, and i learned that no matter what you do, or what you say to yourself your feelings just wont go away, and no one can make them. Eventually he started liking me again, but me being stupid pushed him away because i didnt wanna get hurt again, and he started dating other people, and eventually i started cutting, and hating life. I finially got enough courage to talk to him about it, and he said he felt the same way and was just dating other people because the pain hurt so bad, and now were together again, and i dont think i could have it anyother way.
You need to wait for love..and if need be take a break from it, if the love is true itll come back to you, if its not then you learn to move on, and once you get hurt, your afraid to open up again, but love is never say never


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