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We never went over the line with each other

I have an odd story. I am married but I fell hard for another man. Nothing ever happened, but it was obvious he fell for me, too...however,everything went unspoken, for the most part. We forged a good friendship but it was always weird because we both wanted more and it could not be. He would act skittish but would not be able to keep his eyes off me, and sometimes would not allow himself to pay me any attention at all. Others, we'd talk and talk and make eyes at each other...then, at other times, I was the skittish one. Both of us are very religious and we struggled with our feelings, with not overstepping anywhere. It still hurts a lot. I have a good husband so I don't know why this happened. Chemistry is an odd thing, but I am proud that we never went over the line with each other, and I think we have respect for one another because of our caution and restraint.


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