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from then on we didn't separate. and now we're 3 years and 2 months

how we met?
when i got home i was suprised cause we have a visitor w/c the same age with me. My aunt. told me that his having a vacation here in our country for 2 months. by the way his name is jerry and he was so cute, really good looking. my aunt ask me if i can tour him around and of course i said yes. at first i was too shy to talk to him. after a weeks i used talking to him talking some stuffs. one night while where sitting in the park one of benches he asked me if i have a boyfriend and i said i dont have, then i asked him why he ask me that question. then suddenly he told me that he likes me since the first day he saw me, he felt something to me that he cannot explaine. then he ask me if i feel the same way. then i didn't answer his question and i walkout and go home.but if he only knew that i like him too, but im afraid to get hurt, scared that his leaving me one day. the next morning i didn't talk to him were ignoring each other. the following day he just grab my hand and hug me! i was so shock and i don't know what to do. then he told me that he really loves me and he ask me again the same question if i love him too. finally i said yes cause i cannot hide anymore my feelings to him. after a week her maother give him a call saying that his going back home a week after. hea ask his mother if he can stay more weeks here in our country but her says he can't. then we talk about it. he said to me that he don't like to leave me and i said he need to back home. then that night i was cying in my bed cause my fear came true it was the day he was leaving. one night before his leaving we went in the park and talk he told me that no matter what the distance between us he will still love me the way it is. and he will never ever forget me. he promised to me that he will comeback to visit me so we can be together. then i cried i told him it will be better if we broke up cause it will be hard for us having a long distance realationship, what if he meets another girl and fall in love, it will be hard for me to accept that. at first he didn't agree then i told him if were meant to be destiny will be the one to bind us together. then his gone he go back to his country his always calling me from the phone but i never answered cause the more ill talk to him the more ill miss him and get hurt. after 2 years in my gradauation day from college i was suprised when i got home. it was him standing infront of me. i was shock then he walk towards me then he hug me he told that were really meant for each cause our love was true. from then on we didn't seperate. and now were 3 years and 2 months......... happy and going strong........


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