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Make sure the person you marry treats you like a princess

I was a Jr in High School, he was a senior. we were in the same early american Literature class. my friend, morgan, and i are always silly when we are together, so it was perfect having that her in class with me. I was definatly checking mike out to see what he was like in class, but not much just becasue he did not really notice me either. When in class, my morgan and i would sit funny, make fun of the teacher, who was young and like it when we made fun of him as a joke. we were always really dorky. Then, we moved seats and i did not sit by anyone i really knew, so i would always trade seats with another person to be my morgan. I did not realize (honestly) that mike sat behind me when i switched seats. One of mikes friends (sean) was in a different class with me, so when sean and i would talk, mike would usually be in the conversation too (also another friend of theirs, clay who was really shy, and i almost started to like him because he was so sweet) Anyways, after a while, getting to know mike made me really like him, his laugh was so cute and gentle, his eyes were so blue and hypnotizing! i couldn;t stop thinking of him during school. we started flirting during class, i would make fun of him and he would kick my chair and make up questions to be able to talk to me. (OH, and we are studying the romantic era, we read the scarlet letter) so, one day my other friend told me to hang out with him, call him! AH, i couldnt i was so scared! Mike was also on the football team, he was with the "popular kids" a lot, so maybe he wanted a hotter girlfriend, or he likes someone else, hotter!? that week he actually asked me to go to a party with him at someones house i did not know. Im not a party girl, so i said no, and made an excuse (too busy). But, that saturday my friend dared me to call him, i did... i asked him to go to a movie with me insead of the party, he said he would call me back if he was not going to go to the party. He never called :(. the next week, somthing really cool happened, ready? During school he asked clay to play video games with him (he said yeah) and then leaned over and asked me to join them, i said sure! THat night, i realized he didnt tell me where he lived and when to come over. so, i waited for him to call me (if he really wanted me to come, he would call, right?) it got real late, so i put on my favorite movie in the basement (romeo and juliet, the new version with LEO) and right when romeo met juliet by the fish tank, with "kissing you" playing in the background, mike called! it was so cute! so, i came over and had a blast! later, we started to go on more dates, and we really hit it! I remember one night in my basement, mike was acting weird, and almost sad. I asked him what was wrong and he hid his face and didnt want to talk. a while later after i begged him to talk, he caved and said with glazed eyes, "you are my first girlfriend, i wasn't supposed to fall in love! i love you abbie!" AAH i thought! what do i say! So i replied, "you are my first boyfriend, too! do you know how hard it has been not to tell you i love you everyday because i wasn't sure if you would be scared away?" after that we have been together, and have thought about getting married. it looks like both of our first loves, and first kisses will be our last too. One thing my mother always said, make sure the person you marry treats you like a princess... his nickname for me is "princess", and he is the sweetest guy ever! I love mike, and always will!


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