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He was dressed too much in a thuggish kinda way

We met in scienece class, it was about the 2nd week of school, when i noticed that there was a guy staring at me, and the fact that i wasnt too comfortable with it. I didnt think that he was attractive at all, as a matter of fact I knew right from the start that he liked me, he was dressed too much in a thuggest kinda way, and I personally HATE THAT!!, So i didnt think he was attractive cause of the way he dressed, so one day he passed me a note saying if i have an email, i said yes! but my computer was broken, he by the end was so happy that he got my email that he didnt hear me say that it was broken, but then a week later he asked me if i wanted to go for a coffee on my lunch i said sure why not, so we ended up going to Tim Hortons picking up a coffee and starting to talk as friends we exchanged numbers so everyday as soon as i would get home from school i would call him, now u can see that i had a little crush on him, but then agian i was also seeing another guy a few years older than me that nobody in my family liked, so when i was down about the guy i liked i would call this guy that we went to timmys for a coffee explaining how hurt i was by this situation and by the end we were really good friends by over the phone but, he was always asking me to go out with him, to date him, even tho i had my mind on the other guy, it came to the point when i said you know what your the guy i need in my life, your the one for me, i dont know how blind i was not to see this from the begining, so over the phone i said " would you go out with me"? and hes like no, let me say it to you, and i said yes! ever since that day January 15th 2005 we have been together!


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