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im only in the 9th grade but i found a guy that i think i love but theres a problem with all of it. i told him i loved someone else (my ex) but i was only confused and when i realized that i loved him i told him and he forgave me but wouldnt take me back because of what i did, he said that he didn't care about me and to leave him alone oh yeah and to move on, he wanted other people. so i did and i ended up doing something with another guy. this caused a fight between the two of them the guy i love got hurt really bad. the thing here is that right after he fought the guy he called me and told me he loved me after everthing i did to him, but wait i'm finally able to deal with not having him and found someone else that i like and now he wants me back i still love him but i'm scared that the only reason that he wants me back is so that other people cant have me.


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