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Well,My best friend J* had a boyfriend & his name was B*. They met in 5th grade & they've been strong since 8th grade(They are in 8th grade right now)Well,when they went to the Christmas dance they didnt even get to slow dance to one song because B* was kicked out for not wearing the right kind of jeans(stupid I know)& she was really in love with him.They were both in love.Theyre parents would tell eachother that "I think B* & J* r soon gonna get married & live happily ever after" well that wasnt necessarily true because December 14,2005 we had a tragedy at our school.B* was at home cleaning his 44 rifle out when B* thought he only put 4 in He really put 5 in & took out 4 only & his brother thought he took all the bulletts out & was aiming at a deer & Brandon didnt know & walked in front of him when his brother fired the gun.We found out that night,December 15 on Wednesday we came to school & i was crying because my best friend J* was his g/f for like 3 or 4 years & My other best friend was his sister M*. We really miss him. B* use to call J* at 6 in the morning to make sure she took a shower,& is comin to school & at 1:00 in the morning he would call & make sure she ate dinner & if she didnt he would make her fix a peanut & jelly sandwhich.He made 100 snowflakes around the whole school for Christmas & he told J* that he loves her that much & hung up all the snow flakes in every hallway.I think they would've lasted forever but we all cant forget B* & we know he's saving a spot in Heaven for us. I hope u liked my story.This is very true.Just to let ya'll know



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