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I don't want to loose him but I don't want to get hurt

ok well i've known this guy for quite a while and he was one of my guy friends but i never thought of him as a boyfriend. my best friend loved him an he was the first an last thing on her mind.Well he ended up using her for experience so he said.Then one day i went out to dinner with him an his family and my sister to the movies an me an him shared popcorn an sat next to each other.At the end of the movie we all went out for pizza an i found that his dad was a funny sweet guy an his family just fit. So then we left each other .an he ended up asking me out.I didnt know what to do cuz i liked him but i wasnt shure how much an my friend kept saying that she loved him one day an hated him the next, well...i said yes...we were going out for about two weeks when he leaned in to kiss me he opened his mouth! i was like woa cuz i never french kissed an im like 15 well i kinda leaned away an told him i wasn ready for that. i have so many questions as to whether he's using me to get back @ my friend or if he really loves me he told me he does love me an he never told any girl that but i dont know what to believe. i love him so much an he was my first REAL kiss.i dont want to loose him but i dont want to get hurt?


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