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My love story is really different from everybodys

my love story is really different from everybodys, i guess, i love e** but, he doesnt love me, but sometimes by the way he stares at me at skool i start thinking he does. he used 2 like me a lot but when he loved me i didnt really like him. I knew he did because once i went to my home gurls house around the corner to my house, e** lives around the corner to me to well, in that party his little sister told me he really, really liked me he would be talking about me all the time. I was so happy that day but, then he started to be wit this other girl at the party cuz my stupid self was to shy to talk to him, but he liked this other gurl named c******* that months later also t**** , 4 christmas and valentines he give me a really really cute gifts and give c******* something that looks like he didnt care wat to get her. That day i was even shy to hug him. In winter break him and his home boy a***** started telling the hole skool they were moving i started to cry even prying to god to not let them move cuz i really started to love e**, after winter break i came to skool, still sad then i saw e** and his homeboy i was really really shocked and pist at the same time. months later we started to ignore eachother we started to seperate. before i used to write a hole bunch of notes to him that i regret cuz i think i wrote stupid things. but all this time sence the first day i saw him i started 2 like him after i started to love him, sence the first day i saw him one of my home gurls a***** told him i really liked him so all this time sence now he knows i love him. now his a f*cking b**ch hes really really changed ive told him all the time that hes changed but he always responds: "maybe cuz you dont talk to me". Sence now, today, this, second he starts being 24/7 with his new home gurls "that i hella hate"! named y***** and k***** they hate me to but we never do anyething about it. i think there some f*cking hoes. even though he tells me or people tell me he doesnt like me i dont believe by the way he stares at me. im always thinking about him even my friends just wish im with him so i could stop talkin about him 24/7. but i dont think that will never happen even though i want it to happen. i barely knew him sence 2 years ago and all this 2 years ive loved him without having him, and i still think i am until end of highskool well, tell 12 grade if he doesnt move cuz sence he lives in my naborhood were both still gonna know eachother. "oh" once i had a dare that i had to kiss him, i tryed but he keeped on backing off. then in geography class i saw c******* kissing epi 4 like 5 seconds.I was pist off. a few min later he comes up to me and calls me a chicken cuz i havent kissed him, "while he was the one backing off"! so i just holded his arms and kissed him, the class was leaving to go to the next period so nobody saw us i kissed him without caring that, that other girl kissed him before me then i just left i told my homies that i did my dare then rumers started to go everywere. poeple started asking e** if i did kiss him the sad part was that he said no. So i guessed he got mad cuz almost everbody knew by 5 min later that we kissed, that we kissed. and now he is saying that he kissed me! but i dont know watever. I dont even know wat to do to keep on loving him or let him go. i love him so much i just cant forget about him i think im sprung. i write his name anywhere on desk, books,homework,papers, and my hand.even my parents already know i like him. cuz almost every note i have talks about him. Well now in 2006 he has a gurl named w*** but i dont believe him, i still love him, and he still hates me i guess. hopefully we could be together. To me this is a sad story instead of a love story. !!!E* i love you!!!


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