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Me and my ex-boyfriend met at my tia‘s house

How we meet
Me and my ex-boyfriend met at my tia‘s house she was having a party for her daughter. I had seen him before and thought he was the cutest thing in sight. At the time we were both in Relationships. Well my parents don‘t like him because he is too old for me. He knew my brother before he knew me. So he was with my brother and his friends and I walk by and he asked my brother "Who is this Good Looking Girl?" My brother look like that is my baby sister ......* He is 4 years older than me!* not bad but I think I love him. I had not seen him an to my Franklin asked me to dance with his friend . We became friend an to he asked me out. We both say it was love at first sight. Because from then on to the day he asked me out he was always asking my brother what was my favor things and how was i?* One day he came to my house to talk to my brother and I was with my sister and my friend have a girls day I know that he wasn’t there for my brother . My brother call me to introduced us but he didn‘t know that we had already meet. He hugged me! I was so happy it was like my heart was just suddenly so into him. They walk in and started to talk about what guys talk about and I was listening and my sister call that we were leaving and he said *why you leaving we are having a good time*I just walk away. Well the next day he came to it was to see me, we were at the park and it was dark and we were waying for my brother he lean and that was when we had our first kiss. He was getting ready to leave when he was telling me goodbye he reached into kiss me..and that is when he french kissed me*. O' yea it felt so good . My cousin had told me that he was gonna ask me out but I didn't believe them. Well I went and got changed then I walked up and everyone told me they left well I was soooooo sad. I walked outside and there they were I got soooooooo happy .. well they tossed he tossed me a note and it read "Do you love me?, Do you want to be my friend?, and if you do, well then don't be afraid to take me by the hand if you want to., I think this is how love goes.. and then it had to boxes and they said Check YES or No." well of course I checked yes! *We would had been together 17 months and 17days today!* we have been through some stuff but we have made it through it all very easily. Im Only 15 and I think im In Love!* Even my bother says I was to young to love him!* He was always saying that we were get married one day!* so I’m hoping we will get back together and always be together for a ever! He always makes my life so complete. all I have to do is think of him and I feel so much better! I have some advice.. If you Love someone you have to have Trust in them. When you first start dating make sure you tell em upfront hey I have to be able to trust you. so tell me now can I trust you? if they say no, you should know hey maybe there not the right thing for me.
His name is Jorge I lost him but I hope at one day he would be back with me. He is the one and only I ever love and always love.


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