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I was sixteen year old then, he was my classmate

I was sixteen year old then, he was my classmate, we were in 3rd year highschool. first time i saw him, i felt something strange, but i never gave attention to what i felt. there's something in his eyes that so mysterious that the first days, i suddenly think of him, times passed, we banged jokes on each other, we began to be at ease with each other, but that time, i forgot the feeling the first time i saw him, i treated him a good friend and he treated me as one of the boys. that time, he was courting or texting one of my circle of friends. i was suprised but i thought that he would be a nice boyfriend, so i encouraged him to give his best shot, show his best to her, and hope that one day she would open her heart to her. times passed, and i told him what he wanted to know about her, what does she like about a man, we talked on the phone for hours. everyday felt incomplete without hearing his voice, we enjoyed each other's company, until finally people noticed the closeness between the two of us, we would hold hands in class, but we still consider each other as friends. i admit that i really don't feel good when he's not around, that a day wouldn't passed without thinking of what he's doing. one night on the phone, he said that he was falling for me, of course i was suprised how fast things happened, of course i felt excitement rushing my veins, my friend never gave attention to him, but for me he's indeed a bofriend material, at the time that he said that, i told him to check and know what he really feels for me and my friend, and that it wouldn't be easy for the two of us. finally, we set a friendly date that was supposedly because we were close friends, but my older sister saw us in a Jeep with his arms wrapped around me, and i just thought that we should give each other a chance before it was too late. in the movie house, he told me if i want to give it a try, and i said yes, i wasn't the type of girl who flings and make commitments suddenly, but i know deep down that he was someone i could trust. and finall we were on, i announced it to my friends, unfortunately they didn't like the idea. i was isolated from them, and had a hard time. he was furious with them because they couldn't understand me, and i kept on defending there side because i thought they had a good reason for them to act like that, the thought that he stole me from them and that he strut his stuff on my friend and now me. we were like against the world, each day passing with just the two of us, it wasc hard to balance at first, and it was really a hard process because he was my first boyfriend and i don't know how to handle such situations, but as time passed, we were very happy with each other's company, we were not just lovers but also considers each other as our bestfriend, we have cone to different places with each other, experience different things with each other, his family knows all about me, and my family would warmly welcome him to our house,it was such a lovely love story, two years and 3 months have passed now, and we have gotten the worst of all as of this moment, we broke up, it was really painful, there was no third party, but it's just that somethings changed in us that really irritates the other, we split up, and that was one of the most painful experience i ever had in all 18 years of my life. i cried a lot especially when i'm alone, i erased all his pictures in my phone and our pics together, then after 3 days, he went on a rebound, he explained all that happened and apologized for the things that he said about me, i was about to give him up, but i understood his side and the memories of us together lingers on my mind, why give up when it could be saved. finally i gave in, thinking that it would work things out, at first i was aloofed, but time passed and now we're ok, still adjusting to what happened but i know deep in my heart that i love him, and i'll fight for him, now he was so sweet, and everday couldn't get even better with him by my side, i love him and i am thankful we gave it a try. we're now happier than ever.


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