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So he comes into my math class next period and hands me a flower

Me and my ex were the best couple imaginable in my school. Sadly it didn't last too long. We broke up on Valentine's Day, which for me is the day i shred the most in life ever since then.The day before, he was online all day.Odd, how he didnt leave, since me thinking he would leave to get me a gift or something. The next day, i didn't see him in the morning, neither did i see him 1st period in school. Me and him have 1st period together but Valentine's Day was on a monday. He didnt come to class. What i found out was that he was finding any person to give him a flower. He was able to. So he comes into my math class next period and hands me a flower. It was a carnation, not even a rose but i was caught up in the moment so i didn't care cuz he kissed me right in class n every1 saw so i felt special. So then the period passes by. it was 3rd period n i noticed that the carnation had tape on it. Yes, IT WAS BROKEN. Sadly, he took tape to fix it. i tried not to care. Durring lunch, everyone to the flower away from me. I ended up going home with a little part of the flower that stil wasn't broken off. So that night we broke up cause i knew he didn't care about me cause i find out from his friend that he was too lazy to get me anything so he didn't. Ends up to be that the next day he gives this girl a bottle of perfume (his mom's). It's still not fair cause he doesnt even like her but to get me jelous he goes and does that. We ended up not talking for half a year. So as my black friend k*** says to me, to gain something you want, you must lose sumthing of equal value. I treasure those words now cause i didn't lose my anger nor freedom so i got too pissed that day. I would have been together with him for atleast a little longer if i would have given up my anger to keep him. What's bad is that i see him everyday in school so i still think aout him from time to time, not truly over him yet.


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