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I truly found that one person I was looking for when I was 10 and will never let him go again.

Well where to begin. Ahhh. I was 10 yes I know 10 and I'm every adult like at that age. Well I was thinking to my self these people are dying around me (for crying out loud I went to more funerals then I've had birthdays) and I feel so alone. No one liked me and I hardly had any friends. All the time I'm thinking "Is there anyone out there for me thats going to love me and not leave me, o hell even like me."
In 7th grade I had my first crush and asked him of course saying no. Then the next year was puppy love. This guy and I went out for 6 days then broke up with me. I tried all year to get him back but went out with one of my best friend.
That summer after school I gave up and went out with two other guys. They were both from another school and both ended up chating on me. So much for those losers.
My "best friend" and that guy were going out for 5 months and then all of a sudden broke up and supposibly I wanted to go back out with him still but I didn't.
I've been going to this place and meet this one guy. I skated with him even though it was a challenge with one of his friends. I got his s/n and found out he had a g/f. We talked for few days and he broke up with her and asked me out. I said yes. I went to my sno-ball alone cause he wasn't old enough. We went out for almost 6 month. Then we went skating on Valentines day. He hardly spend anytime with me. I told my two friends that were there how i felt. Ash (one of my friends at the time) went over and talked him. He came out and skated with me. Well that whole time he wasn't hanging out with me he was hanging out with that girl that was my "best friend" from before. Yea no longer friends we cant stand each other anymore. We broke up 4 day later. I cried my self to sleep for weeks. I tried to get him back cause I loved him so much. He even told me a few days later that he still loved me but then I found out he started going out with my "best friend". I had a lot of friend at this point.
That summer I meet him I meet another guy,Dev,. Him he was just a friend and was always there for me. I found out when I was going out with that other guy that he liked me from the first time he saw me. He was always there for me through that time. Him and I went out for about a week and then I broke up with him cause I didn't want to get hurt again. Well then a few months later I went out with him again, My "best friend was talking to him all the time all of a sudden too. Then broke up with him a month later. Haha that didn't last long though cause we were texting each other and I told him I loved him and I missed him. We were going out 5 minutes later. So that didn't reall mean anything. I broke up with him again a month later.
I stayed single for a little while then this one guy asked me out and I said yes and went out for a month. Then he broke up wit me cause we were "moveing to fast" and spent to much time together. I only saw him one day a week if two. I cried at the place I meet him at right infront of him. My friend tried to cheer me up. Surpisingly one of those guys from that other school was holding me and saying everything would be ok. I went back out with him a few times after that. No longer going out with him.
Well it was the next summer and I like this senior at my school. I asked him out but he was still in love with my "best friend" even though she was still going out with my ex.
I gave up on it all and went back out with Dev. He's 16 and I'm almost 16 now. Dev and I have been going out for 6 1/2 months. One day his mom called for him. He came back with her with a ring in his finger. It was his sister's, Erin,ring who died in a drunk driver accident at 16. My dad says hes till on trial. But I love him so much and couldn't think of spending my life with anyone else. He reall cares about me and loves me. He tells me that every time I broke up with he lituraly almost killed him self. And he says you broke up with me 3 times and I say the 3rd time is the charm. Every day we say we're going to be together for another 80 years. He asks me if I will marry him and I say yes. There is never a dual moment. I can't wait every day for that day at graduation of him really asking me to marry him and out wedding. We already have names for kids. Micheal David and Melodie Erin. I turely found that one person I was looking for when I was 10 and will never let him go again.


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