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I met my first love in sixth grade.We were on a fill trip and we sat by each other and talked there and back.then a few days later i got a friend to ask if he likes me he said yes we talked and got to know each other more but he had a girlfriend he said he liked but she had him first.I said who do you like more he said he liked us the same.So a couple weeks laterwrote him note saying i really like you.He wrote back after he talked to his friends and said he never liked me he just said that so my feelings wouldnt get hurt but i said that they got hurt worse he said he was sorry.A few weeks later i asked why he didnt like me.I said is it because you think im ugly he said no its because your not really my personality type.i said you barely know my personality type.he said i know.But i still dont think i would go out with you.he said he just wanted to be friends.

So we were than 2 weeks later he asked me out at the end of the day before we left school i said yes of course.Then the next day after lunch he broke with me.i asked why he said just because.then he said can we still be friends.i said yes because i liked him so much and i would do anything to be with him.Yesturday was when he broke up still heart broken but were friends even know we dont talk much.


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