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I dont like people telling me what to do

We never exactly dated till 3 months after we started talking alot. I had always known him. He was my older brothers best friend and he had some how always been around. We started talking more one year during Track season. It was spring of 2004. It was so nice. I never really saw it coming though. At first it was just simple small talk that meant nothing. Gradually with time we started to have more deep and personal conversations. We would hang out every once in a while and would meet up at Track meets and stuff like that. Then one day we were watching movies at his house and we some how got into the converstoin of dating. He didn't exactly just say that he liked me, but sort of hinted to it. He asked me a whole bunch of weird questions like, if i would ever date him, and what i thought it would be like to date him. It was very strange at first but i didn't think much of it. Then after a few weeks after, we would see each other almost every day and there was more then just a friendship between us that everyone could see. Now i am the type of person that always needs someone to be there for me. I always need someone to be there for effection just aswell as to talk too. So at first i thought he was just sort of there for effection but then i realized that he was just more then someone i could depend on for that. We started to talk more about us dating and how that would work with my brother. My brother and him were no longer friends because of something that had happen between them so we thought we were out of total luck. I decided that i didn't care what anyone thought about me and my choice in liking him and just decided to go for it and date him. We had an awesome relationship. We weren't just lovers but also friends which made everything so much more better. We would tell each other everything and i thought things couldn't get any better. My brother hated it and him and i had alot of problem but i just tried to blow them off. Everyone else was pretty supportive and didn't have much to say about it. We dated for a good while and then gradually i think we got too serious and we some how got annoyed of each other and were always fighting. I hated it, and im sure he hated it too. We both ended up deciding to take a break and just hang out and just to ease things out a little bit between each other and give each other a little bit of space. I didn't really have a problem with the idea, but i knew that some how something was going to happen and mess things up. We would still talk and hang out just as much as we did when we were dating. But then there were more girl nights out on my part and he would hang out with the guys more. All of his friends were singal and all of my friends were singal just aswell. I worried a little of what he might have been up to when he would hang out with them but i wouldn't say anything to him cause we weren't dating and i was trying to give him as much space as possible. Then i ended up finding out that he was ready to just move on and date other people so i just left it at that althought i was crushed. I hated it. I never had the guts to say anything to him about it just because we weren't dating and i didn't like telling people what to do cause i dont like people telling me what to do. But that ended it. We stopped talking for about a month, we would't even look at each other at that. It was pretty bad. But then finally i couldn't take it anymore and i asked to talk to him about it. We talked and worked things out and now we are trying to keep things cool. We've hung out a few times and we talk every onces in a while but we're still working on it.


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