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Sometimes people care more than you really know

The best love in your life will come in an instant, and will be gone before you can even say goodbye...but he will always be back. I fell in love with this guy that just moved where I lived the first time I saw him, before I even met him. That sounds impossible but it's not. You can't have love if you don't have chemistry, no matter how great a person may be...i eventually realized that, because the first day I saw this guy I knew we had an amazing future...and I was right. He ended up asking me out in 8th grade that year, and we went out for a few months. We then broke up, but we never stopped being really great friends. We always still flirted some, it was great. That summer we hung out some and kissed. Then 9th grade came, and he asked me out again. Of course I said yes. We went out for another few months and then broke up because we didn't want to deal with the people and their shi* at school. We still loved eachother and hugged everyday, and occasionally would go places and kiss. But we werent obsessed with eachother and with eachother EVERY SINGLE day like most couples these days. We saw eachother now and then and talked a lot, but gave eachother space, and were always there for eachother when we needed one another. That summer this boy moved to another state where his dad lived, and i was devastated. I didnt think id ever see him again because he left without saying goodbye. He finally called that summer. I was in so much shock. He said he couldnt say goodbye to me, it would have hurt to much. And of course I said that was ok. We never fought ever, there was no point. Too many girls these days get mad at their boyfriends too easily (so to all you gurls out there- cut your guys some slack...their doing the best they can). This winter he came back up here to visit and we had the best time of our lives. We fell in love all over again. So to anyone out there---never give up. I didn't, and look where I am today. There is always hope, and sometimes people care more than you really know, they are just afraid to show it.


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