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We broke up a few minutes ago

Me and my girlfriend, should I say EX-girlfriend,(we broke up a few minutes ago)were great together...untill her friend came into the picture, got her to lie about her age to a guy older than her, they kiss, I forgive her (she told me it 'wasn't her fault, it was forced'), and then things are okay...or so they seemed! My mind kept telling me,"Dude! She's cheating!"But I just kept on dating her(I got her back REALLY good, allthough that was wrong). Everyday I would tell her,"I love you," and "Your very actractive..." Ect. I'd carry her stuff for her, I'd do and did anything she wanted me to do, or wanted something done. It just doesnt seem fair, that she treated me bad, didn't care about me, my feelings, OR my thoughts, had the nerve to talk about other guys, do these bad things, and then when I finally try to fix things and set things right, all heck breaks loose! Her friend Instant Messages me cussing up a story, telling me I'm horrible to her, I'm this, I'm that. So I decided to do something about it. I confront her, tell her straight, she gets -- upset, I'm trying to tell my story, when she tells me that -- said its over. WELL IF THAT DONT BEAT ALL! I was a caring and loving boyfriend, and the only time I'm not - I'm defending myself, I GET DUMPED! Love let me down...she's turning everyone against me with lies...BUT I DONT LET IT GET TO ME. Well, I'll just go find someone for me who isnt a -- and a --, a -- --, and will treat me with love and kindness as I diserve.


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