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Her mom doesn't like me being from outcast

Hello guys and girls, well my story started when i was in college and the first day of college was the most horrifiying day cause i entered through the main door and boom approx 150 girls moved aside and gave me way as if i had a red carpet catwalk move, cause i was the only guy who applied for morning classes but slowly guys applied for came in morning, newaz there was a I.T. room where we had abt 25 computers and everyone use to access the net from that room it had a open glass partition where u can see through who is passing by and blah blah, well where i was sitting once saw a girl staring at me and her name was d* well then i started sitting there everyday waiting for her to stare at fine day my principal calls me and tell me to join a few people to organize a party for college for the new badge. and guess what deepa was in the group and i first time met her personally and shok hands with her. Well that was an eletrifiying moment for me. meanwhile the group also had 2 other guys with who i came a bit close and told both of them that and they told me to say it to her and then somehow i got through her email i.d. and started chatting with her it was 22nd of oct 2001 when i told her abt what i thought abt her.
The next day morning i was in the bus on my way to college and she calls me and told that even she likes me. i had the biggest blast of my life, later that day i met her after the break and we sat outside the college and started chatting. we did that for about 5 days and then we started sitting inside the college after college hour chatting and kissing. We use to go out on every months 23 cause that was the date we came together. after 4 months one fine day she tells me that we cant go out togheter anymore because her mom dont like me being from outcast and blahhhh. But the reall thing is that she told her parents in december abt me, but at the same time of the year i use to visit her place to teach her some softwares. Ok tell me one things guys whose parents will allow a guy to whom she dosnt want her daughter to get married. that to sitting at her own place with her daughter alone. no ways bullshit . i even fought with my parents abt her and even slept at the local park for 3 nites. but she had to ditch me. after all of this i see her with 2 to 3 different guys in a span of 4 years and now she is finally getting married to a 4 th one. well guys what i have learnt from myself is never fall in love, if u do then dont trust her copletely, if ur trust her completely dont expect the same back when u have a sad ending... well i thought i would die if i dont married to her and things but the fact is that the life never stops for anyone and and its been 4 years now actually 5 year in march i still cant forget her but what the hell i dint die yet so i should be able to go ahead.

thx for reading this i really appriciated what u guy have done. well after writing this story i felt much better.



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