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At first it was okay between me and him

I met this boy at a party. We liked eachother just fine, and so that was cool. But then I called a bit too much, and he got a bit mad. So I tried to stop calling him. I mean , maybe the best way was to stay away. But then my friend called him, beacuse she wanted me and him to get back together. I didnt want her to do this. But at first it was okay between me and him , so I said hello, the usual small talk. Then it started again, just like that. I am in love. But I called to much because I was so happy to hear his voice. Now hes really mad, and I want to apologise but cant because if I call him he'll just get more annoyed. I didnt make him feel special. I just reminded him that he was. I told him everything. So much for true love.....


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