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I just kept thinking about everything he had ever said to me

So it's the summer just after 8th grade and im sitting at home talking on the phone with my crush...totally hottie! We had been talking for about an hour when i said i had to go. "Just you want to come over to my house tomorrow?" he asked. "Sure...Like what time are you thinking?" I replied. "How about 1:oo...?" "That works...umm..let me talk to my mom when she gets off work and I will talk to you on MSN tonight." And then we disconnected. That night I couldn't sleep. I just kept thinking about everything he had ever said to me...("I really don't want a girlfriend" "I just like to go with the flow...") Nothing made sense...why would he want ME to come to his house...we had never even hung out outside of school. He didn't know that I liked him so I didn't think that would be why he wanted me there. Oh well....finally the next morning came and I jumped in the shower and got dressed. I wanted to look my best just in case something were to happen. So we are on our way out to his house in his sister's car...We get there and go inside and he shows me the house and his room. (my heart was pounding the whole time) we are up stairs in his room listening to our favorite band and looking at rolling stone magazines. We were just sitting on his big bed when his sister came upstairs to tell us she was leaving for work. About 5 minutes later he got up to shut the door (I didn't think anything of it)...then he comes back onto the bed and is sitting behind me and puts his arms around me...I laughed a little and then closed the magazine and put it on the table next to me...Thats when he layed my body down and smiled as he looked into my eyes. He turned off the light and climbed on top of me and our lips met. As if everything in the world didn't matter we kept kissing, slow at first then it got intense. Slowly he slipped his tongue into my mouth...his fingers gently felt my body sending a rush through me. His hand slid under my shirt just for a moment then down farther and farther. For what seemed like an eternity we kissed...As I layed there on his bed in his arms he began to kiss my neck then my ear. Then he whispered ever so softly "would you be my girlfriend?" Of course I said yes... When the time came for me to leave that night he pulled me close and kissed me like never before...


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