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now im living with this pain

For the past 6 years ive known a girl, for the past 6 years ive had feeling for her. Time keeps going by and the feelings keep coming, we continue to evolve. She is a college student and I live in town. Even though she only lives 50 miles down the road my car is messed up and it makes it harder for us to see each other...back to the point, We were pretty much "together for the holidays"...we did out own little Christmas together but the big night was New Years Eve....I explosion of feelings came out that night, i said somewhat of how i felt and then we made out for hours, we feel asleep at 9am in each others arms...The pain of knowing she is leaveing again in two short days is killing me, i already miss her and she aint even gone yet....i really am starting to think she is the one, i have never been able to talk to someone like her, never been able to look at someone the way i look at her, she can make me feel better just with one smile, one "Shut up" an inside joke between us......Its just really hard and it almost feels like my heart, and soul are crying....I asked God to give me her and now im living with this pain


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