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I had the sweetest little girl anyone could ever have

I had the sweetest little girl anyone could ever have. Her name is "Shannon" she's a grade lower than me (I'm in ninth she's eigth). We met in after school tutoring and. I really didn't recognizer her until one of her friends from tutoring and asked me out for her. I was having some relationship troubles then (I couldn't get a girl). So I said alright. Shannon was the shyest and quietest girl I had ever went out with she wouldn't speak unless I asked her a question but we would get lost in each others eyes and share the most passionate kisses in the back of the movie theater. I would go over to her house and her mom and sister would make me feel at home. Well about a week before school started up I was getting ready to call her to go to the movies that I said i would take her to the day before. She called me before I could call her and told me that she was breaking up with me. Well I was still her friends friend and started writing her letters. Well i found out from her friend that Shannon didn't want to break it off but her mom made her, claiming that i was too old. I began to write her too, being cautious at first not knowing if she still felt the same...well she did and we still write to each other there's not a day goes bye that i dont wish that i was with her. she'll always be my first true love and i cant get her off my mind. it pains me to think i have to wait another seven months untill i get to see her beautiful face and share that kiss that ive missed for so long. It's amazing that you can fall for someone that you never really noticed before. i can only hope that one day her mom will see our love for each other but until then she's my Juliet and I'm her Romeo.


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