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He flirted back

I am 15 and my boyfriend is 18.. Everybody has made a big deal about it.. But what is 3 years.. Nothing.. Well he was my older brothers best friend.. Teh firest time I saw him I was in love.. I mean he was cute.. Well me being me just started flirting around..Well he flirted back..I was in shock.. Well I told my brother how I felt and he told his friend... Well his friend told me maybe when I got older we could date.. I was heart broken just thinking about it.. But that night he came into my room and kissed me told me that he liked me.. I was just like.WOW.. Well the next day he told my brother that he liked me and wanted to take me out.. My brother said Ok.. And he asked my parents and they said ok.. I had the night of my life... Well we have been dating for almost 5 months.. I started having sex with him about 4 months ago.. I loved him so much I was willing to do that..Now I love having sex just It sucks sometimes.. I thought that was all he wanted but I was way wrong.... I Love my boyfriend to death.. No he is talking about the future and getting married.. We are perfect together...........


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