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I doubt I'll ever marry again.

This woman and I met when I visited the Midwest. She had aweome blue eyes and auburn hair with tints of flame in her tresses. Give her a few minutes and you would forget her wheelchair. We called each other frequently, almost nightly. We both agreed that it was much too heartbreaking staying apart, so I moved back to her home town. She invited me into her hearth and home. She had always been ignored because of her handicap, but I saw past it at the beautiful woman that she was. She had a head for business, but due to her mobility problem, no idea how to have fun. I changed all of that. We went to movies, Renaisance Fairs, and all manner of fun destinations. Six years we lived together, the happiest times of both of our lives. We had discussed marriage on several occasions, but she had it in her head that marriege would ruin the relationship we had blossomed into. Then came the letter from her favorite niece. Her niece was finally getting married after her own long courtship, and would we please come to colorado for it. My woman was elated when i said i would go with her. She also thought she would give her gift and be parked by the wall and forgotten. Not so! Between her niece's inclusions of her in the wedding calibrations and photo sessions, and my video camcorder, she was in the spot light the whole time. I even got her out on the dance floor and we had the floor clear as we danced, her for the first time in 15 years! We both were high on life and champaign as we got back to the hotel room. After we lay together, snuggling, we fell asleep in each other's arms. The next morning, I produced a ring from a pocket of my luggage as we packed. I got down on my knee and told my sweetest how much I loved her, that I'd always take care of her to the best of my abilities and treat her like the country queen that she was. Her eyes filled with tears, her hand trembling in mine, through her happy tears, she shouted Yes, I'll marry you! I slipped the engagement ring on her finger and she threw her arms around my neck, soaking my shirt with her tears of joy. We left the hotel and started the trip back to tell her approving parents the great news. We were two hours into the trip singing along to the radio when the tire blew on the car. I was frozen to the steeringwheel as the car rolled over and flipped end over end. When the car came to a rest, i became aware of two things. I was bleeding from my scalp and had a broken arm. I was crumpled on the seat of the passenger side, where my new fiance was supposed to be! I sat up carefully and looked through the broken passenger side window. The brown grass was tall. I could see no one. a car stopped and a man in fatigues got out. He said he was a Marine Corps medic. He asked me if I was alright. I told him to find my lady. He did. he kept her alive till the ambulance showed. (Thank you whoever you were) She lived another 15 hours after the accident. It's been six years now since she died. The auburn haired beauty's happiest weekend of her life turned out also to be her last. I doubt I'll ever marry again.


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