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He made me feel so special. my whole face lit up and I smiled

I had fancied this boy for ages, ever since i went back to school after the summer. Everyting he did i found funny. Everynight i went to sleep i thought of him. He was one of those awkard boys.. that doesn't really show you what hes really thinking and feeling (well thats what i thought). And i spose i am one of those types too. Anyway, everyone knew we both liked eachother; all his mates were saying it and hinting for us to go out. But still, we were so shy we didn't do anything about it. One day, i had just got back from my aunts as she cut my hair. I loved it; it looked great. I went on webcam, and he said he really liked it.. then i knew he liked me something was telling me. Then he said.. "look, i have to tell you something..". Then he told me how he had never felt this way about a girl in a long time. he made me feel so special. my whole face lit up and i smiled. I was with my mate, she had never seen me really happy, i mean hyper yeh, but never this happy. He asked me out in such a romantic way, it was so good. Then of course i said yes. That was it we were finally going out. I saw him the night after, he was so diferent, he was really open and cuddly. I loved how he was with me. We kissed and all that and i really found myself falling for him. On MSN he was really nice to me.. saying he really liked me and all that and i truely do believe him. He isnt the type to play around n stuff. Then on New Years Eve he was drunk, my phone rang. He said he had something to tell me. I knew what was going to happen.. he finished it as he said he thought he had feelings for someone else..(least he was honest with me) we talked a lot that night. He was saying how much he regreted it and couldnt firgive himself. I didnt know what to feel. To be honest, i don;t even think it had sunk in yet, as i couldnt feel anything. i wasnt sad, i wasnt angry, i wasnt anything...literaly lost. We sorted it out. And i forgave him, after all he was drunk and he honestly did seem really regretful. Maybe i am too nice by taking him back, but i cant imagine my life without him!!

i haven't just wrote this out for everyone to read. i have wrote this out, as this is how i deal with things, i write them down. I also hind behind a smile. Most people think.. Oh she''ll be alrite shes always happy. Not deep down!! Maybe you lot reading it can use it as advise in a way. If you truely really like someone mayb there worth forgiving. Only if you know they're not the type to play and use people. He wasn't he hadnt had many gf's, so i knew he wasnt like that.. also i was really close mates with him before, so i kinda knew what i was letting myself into. But now i've seen the real side of him.. so maybe i'm wrong.. you know what..don'tlisten to a word i just said.


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