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i made my own personal website a long time before i had met my dream boy. i talked to him to get to no him and then i asked one of his friends for his email address......we soon talked more and more and i began to like him even more and it seemed he liked me to....i told him to check out my he did...and the next day when i went to go check on my website.....under my guest book was a poem. it said.. love the page, do love you, but not worthy of anything in your past trace... i thought it was just some freak that had come onto my website. but the next day i went on my website again to see what people had written in there...i checked under my guestbook again...and it said i confront you everyday, in your mind, soul and human, you can see me in the street, thats where we'll meet. i wrote back askin who he was and a few hours later i check to see if he had rote back adn it said. do you wish to meet me??? i didnt answer back cause i was expecting him to tell me who he was lol but later on that day i checked on again and it said im no crazy pshyco path,
i am just but a human amung your school life,
not here to hurt you but to let you know how
i feel, so i repeat my message do you wish to meet me? i stoped checkin my site for a few days because i was to hbusy to be checking it all the time but when i finaly had a chance i checed on my website again and it said. i wish for you to awnser me. i didnt answer him...i wanted to play hard to get. then he wrote My life has liffted me higher,
my love has dragged me low,
i have nuthing to say but,
my life needs a towi thought i had totally blew it but i didnt. i replied and said i can c ur a poet guy and..umm..u called me yunger old are u...are u much older than me???ur life has lifted u higher but ur love has dragged u low...are u sayin im ur love or sumthing??...ur sayin ur im my school life...are u in my grade???dont tell me ur a teacher...ur not here 2 hurt me...???kk i get that and ur tryin 2 tell me how u feel....kk do u feel good about me..or badly???umm.yeh sure ill meet u if i no who u are and stuff
ididnt make it very romantic because i was kinda i still didnt know who he was. but he soon wrote: No i am not a teacher, not much older
my disguse is invunerable i need to know you trust me,
i see you in school i might have talked a few with you,
in you day timne i see you, but not at night,
and i wont go down without a good fight.
i was blown away....i was falling for him! i decided to write a little poem lol and it said when do we meet where do we meet. and how do i know when its you, the one i seek. a while later he wrote I do not know yet where we shall meet,
not on a corner,
nor a street, when we meet you may be suprised,
but i dont know if id hitch a ride,
we could be close, lock lips once or twice i dunno,
it depends on the dice. i didnt wuite understand the message and i didnt no how to make it sound romantic so i just put if u ever find out when or if u still wanna meet...lemme no
im sure i will b very suprised!
wut do u mean ur not sure if u would hitch a ride???
wut do u mean we could b close???
close as in...cuddle?? or close as in friends?
lock lips, once or twice i sunno it depends on the dice... wut dus that mean?!?!!? i was really exitied to meet him though!!!!!i had written to him a few times sayin i would love to metet him adn where should we meet and he didnt answer so i was a little upset but finally one day he answered saying: Sorry for i have not awnsered
there was no intent to tease,
dont be mad at me please,
we can meet sometime soon,
you make me feel like i could jump to the moon
i soon rote back saying
its ok that u didnt right back for a bit...
if were gunna meet soon...where??? when???
thats cool i make u feel like u can jump 2 the moon:P lol
he didnt write back again for a while so i just wrote
do u even really care??

i had been buggin him on msn for a whi;e askin him out not knowing he was the guy but i had bugged him to much and he wote Of of course i care,
and i dont feel bare,
we can be friends,
you know who i am,
i dont like to be in relationships,
cause it all gets screwed upi was torn apart
i was to sad to even write back to him...... his real name was "brendan" and i asked him over msn sayin brendan were you my secret admierer?>??? he answered....yes...
i was so sad i just coulndt talk to him for days...
after i had unblocked him from msn we became closer than ever!!! wel talked and he started to like me more than a friend again.....even though i knew who he was he still wrote me poems!!! the last poem he wrote to me was,...Me and You will get together soon
and if i could id give you the moon
but all i can give you is my secrets
and my love for you.
me and brendan had been planning on doing something to...get to know eachother a little better........we soon DID get together and we had a we are closer than ever adn a love relationship is well on its way


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