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I yelled 'J* i love you"

i was 12 when i fell in love with this spanish guy named J*. He was th cutest guy i ever have layed my eyes on. as you know i was way too shy to tell him how i felt. so months and months passed by and rumors started spreading that he liked me. so i told my bf K* how i felt about J* and we started writing love letters and putting them in his locker but we did not signed sohe did not knew who was writing them. so he tough a girl named C* was writing the letters so he fell in love with karen but he still liked me. The last day of school he asked to sign my shirt so he puted " la mejor ninia" which meant the best girl. then when he got on his bus I yelled 'J* i love you" then he yelled the same thingback in spanish the ran out of his bus and kissed me for about 15 minutes. then i told him about the letters and the principal yelled "YOU'RE MAKING ALL THE BUSES WAIT MOVE IT' and then he said ' i am not leaving until i see you two kiss again' and so we did. for the firs time i saw J* cry for the first time i saw a boy cry for the first time my first love and my first kiss. but after i got home we were moving. i never got to see him again but he will always have half of my heart until i die my feelings for him will always stay the same he means the world to me
J* i love you so much and i always will no matter what .......


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