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Breaking the Ice

theres a boy in my school - all the girls like him because he's so popular and he's very buff.

one day i was out shopping by myself. i saw a lovely top and decided to buy it when i went to pay for it i noticed that my 20 note was missing i was so angry that i stormed out off the shop to look if i dropped it somewere. I was about to cry when suddenly out off nowere i saw him walking towards me, he said hi and i didn't know what to say, cause that was the first time he spoke to me.
then he noticed that i was crying so he ask me what was wrong i told him every thing,i expected him to laugh but he said "dont cry thats what happend to me as well you know. hey if i give you 20 would you stop cring" .I looked at him supprsed i never knew he was so kind.

the next day he asked me out all along he realy liked me but was to shy to tell me now im happy that i lost that 20 note.


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