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Friendship Grows to Love

I met a man via the internet. As most would cringe at this, let me explain. We were all into fitness and were mutual friends with some prominent figures in the industry. We began emailing as friends and got to know each other. I was married and so was he. We were both in bad marriages, but tried to help each other out by recommending books and movies to save two crumbling marriages.

A group of us decided to meet in a city to have some gambling fun. My friend that I met was to be there too. I never knew what he looked like, so I wasnt sure what I was looking for. When we first met, I was instantly attracted to him and his smile. There was serious chemistry, but we both knew each others situations and respected that.

We stayed in touch as friends. He ended up divorcing and starting a relationship with another girl. I ended up getting a divorce this past year. We both caught up with each other after about 3months of no communicating. When we caught back up, he and his girlfriend had broken up and I was now single. We developed a long distance relationship and soon began expressing feelings.

Four years later to the date we first met, we met in the airport, as he had a layover in my city..........I waited anxiously to see him. I see this guy and he is walking up to me and our eyes met. We instantly hugged and could not let go. Within one minute, he told me how in love he was with me........What was to be an hour layover, was a wonderful night and he flew out the next day.........It was the most incredible time of my life.........I flew out to see him 2wks later, where I met his family.......

Telling him I love him, sells my feelings short.......its much deeper than that.

He is moving 1500 miles from where he is now to be with me...............forever.......... :)........Yes it is important to be friends first, I have never felt this way.


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