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Well, where do I begin. I honestly thought something like this could never happen to me. I thought that when my mother told me "God has a special man for you,"I honestly thought it was B.S. and that stuff like that didn't happen. I felt like this beacause I had been hurt before and I didn't believe I could ever feel anything for anybody else, I mean after all why would I want to give my heart and have it broken again, bottom line, I thought all guys were jerks!

The story begins, well God, I don't even know were it begins. I went to a small private school. E is five years older than me and he went to my school since I was in the fifth grade, he was a freshmen. I do remember him, but really the thought of ending up with him never crossed my mind. I always thought he was just some "older hot guy" me and my friends could never have. It's funny, beacause I remember him very well his Senior year, my eighth-grade year, he had some bitchy snotty girlfirend, (she was the principle's daughter by the way) so she always felt she had some superiority in the school. I would always think, and me being only 13 and all "He could do so much better, she is such a #itch!" Well time passed, I'd see him at church and at the restaurant he worked at. I can't lie, he's so handsome so I'd always check him out. Well, obviously since time was passing i began looking more like a woman and developing, I wasn't this skinny pale little girl anymore. I know, (as a woman you know when a guy is cheking you out)he began staring, everytime we would see each other, we would just stare for a couple of seconds, I can't explain it, it was just magical. One summer day my friend C invites us to go to the restaurant E works at for lunch. C had always had a crush on him, so she wanted us to go and pretend it was her birthday. So us being dumb and all we go and pretend it's her birthday. We had just come back from cheerleading camp at the beach so we were looking tanned and toned. Of course, with our luck he was our server! Needless to say I did all the talking. We flirted so much! Remember folks i was only 14 he was already 19! It was there and i knew it, I didn't say a word to anybody that night. The next night I call my friend C to chat, and fortunately her brother D was very good friends with E. So as soon as we start talking I hear E speak in the backround, and all of a sudden C tells me "E thinks you're beautiful" I was like "Oh My God!" I knew it and from that moment on I knew something was going to happen. Dont get all excited, things get crazy before they get good, this is only the beginning.

Time passed and passed, by this time I had gone through a very painful off and on relationship. TO be honest i forgot about E. I mean when i would see him I would get nervous but for about three years nothing happened.I was with the wrong person, i could not have been with a person that would have harmed me emotionally more then this guy, his name A. A lied and slept with more girls then I can name. He slept with girls on my cheerleading squad, he lied and lied, and just hurt me so much. I can explain how horrible it is to fall in love with the wrong person. Better yet this wasn't love, although at the time I thought it was. Well,I broke up with A, it took me a long time to realize I was better off without him. So I was alone for three years.

The first two years weren't all that bad. My friends are great, and I tried not to think about A. We had a blast, after all we were stil in high school. Graduation came along, and I remember C telling me she invited E to come to our graduation. Crazy how time flies, I remember E graduating, and now finally, I was, well anyway back to the story, my heart started pounding whe i found out E was coming. I played it off cool, remember nobody knew I had a crush on him. My other friend called me to let me know A was coming too! can you believe it, I had to look my best A and E there with there eyes on me on stage! I went all out. I was excercising like crazy so my body felt great, I bought a beautiful black dress, high lighted my hair.

Graduation came, and they both went. To be honest I don't think I was completely over A. I would still think about him at times, although I tried not to. But on the other hand E was there looking so incredibly handsome, he looked so classy, I remeber just staring at him, he was wearing a very nice black suit, he looked so tall, his hair was jet black, (natural by the way) I was just in awe! but remember I was still wounded, A just tore me into pieces, I had no intentions of ever falling in love. After that we go to my house for my graduation party, and A shows up! Up to this day I have no idea who invited him, or gave him my new address. He took me to the back yard and told me how much he loved me, and that these past two years for him without me had been hell. he apologized, he cried, he manipulated me! he was so good at that. Luckliy I was smart, and said no!!! but later that night I regreted it so much, I just wanted to feel his love, I think I had been alone for a while I just wanted to feel wanted.

So the whole summer i fell in a deep depressiion. I gave up on love, I knew things for sure were over with A, My friends all left for college, I wasn't in cheerleding any longer. I felt so alone. My mother worked from 8 to 11, so I really never got a chance to talk with her or express my feelings. My friends were all gone so i had no one to speak to. My father left my mother when she was 7 months pregnant with me and married someone else. My granparents live in Spain, and my mother was an only child as well as me, so i was just completely alone! Things had just changed dramatically, and it was hard to adjust to things being quiet and lonley. C and M were gone my best friends and the rest of the girls were gone. Deep down inside I was proud of myself though. I didn't go back with A,in the long run he would have wounded me even more. And I never ever slept with him, so I would always be the girl he could never "get with"

So the summer passed and was sort of relieved To start college. I had not seen E all summer, and to be quite honest I forgot all about him. It was just so amazing, I saw him the very first day of school, and I can't explain it, it gave me such an adrenaline rush, and such a beautiful feeling to look foward to. I remember rushing home so i could tell my mother all about it. I told her, and from that day on I prayed every single night that i would see him at school as often as possible, and he could look at me that way.

Well i don't think I bumped into any other person more that semester then E. Until finally he stopped and looked at me, and I had the guts to say " Hi E, remember me I'm V's friend," and he replied " Of course how could I forget you," and from that day on we would chat and chat at school. At school I had my little spot under "my tree" I'd go everyday to read, and he'd just show up and talk to me. It was so funny because I would pray "Oh God, please don't let him have a girl friend, please let him like me" and God answered my prayers. Eventually he invited me to lunch and asked me for my number.

To be honest, at the start, I thought E would turn out to be like all other guys (A) ! But as time passed and we got to know each other and spend time with each other, I realized that not all guys are the same. It just depends on the person, anybody could be a jerk, not just because you're a guy. It was perfect timing E needed me in his life and I needed him. We had both been going through hard times and we found each other (Shall I say once again)
at the perfect moment.

It's crazy he was there all along, since I was 10, I was already 18, he was already 22. Getting to know him was just amazing, i have never in my life ever met some one so caring, driven, responsible, loving, intelligent,honest, sincere, and so willing to help other people. He truly is a gentlemen, I had never known one. he is so beautiful from the outside as he is from within. God answered my prayers beacuse he did take interest in me, and he wasn't taken, and know I do believe in fate. I do believe now that God had him ready for me all along,all these years. and knew some day we'd be together.

Well that was four years ago, I'm already 22 he's 27, we have been married for five years we have two kids. I love him so much and he loves me too. E is a civil engineer, and I am a house wife who loves what she does i take care of my children and husband.

So for all you who have lost hope dont, God really does have that special person for you!!


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