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I was an eight grader when i started going out with my neighbor. I was with him a year and a half. I got to high school and I was still with him. Half of the semester was almost over when me and him started having a lot of problems he didn't talk to me that much as he use to.

Three weeks before he came off track and I started my winter vacation I found out that he was going out with one of my friends. That same day I was crying and in my fifth period class to. I had him for my P.E. class he always kept staring at me since we broked up. Later on the beggining of the new year his cousin told me that he still liked me that he went out with my friend because my sister told him that if he didn;t let me go she was going to tell my mom about our reletionship but that he preffered me thinking that he played with me insted of knowing the truth.

We started talking to eachother a week later I came off track and he came back in right now were seeing eachother again and hopufully we go back because I miss him


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