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Young Love that Didn't Last

I never knew he lived on my street... I moved into my current house five years ago, and i went to the same school as him. How could I not know he lived on my street? How could i not know that he went to my school? How could i not know he took the same bus as me?

I never really paid any attention to him, until last year. We would joke around like any other girl and boy. We would tease eachother on the bus, and stuff like that. I started having deep feelings for him, but i didn't know what those feelings meant.

Eventually through time, i got to know him better. We would hug in hallways maybe once a week. Then the day came... I realized what i was feeling, i realized the emotion i felt was love, and I had to let him know the way I felt about him.

I sent him a message, he read it. Unbelievably enough, he told me he had the same feelings.. we talked and talked, about how we felt and things like that, and within a few weeks I was going out with him.

Those 3 months.. they were the best time of my life. He meant so much to me, I would go over to his house.. and we would just talk, laugh, and just well, cuddle. Things were going great, I felt so happy... I told him that I loved him, and that I really meant it.. and he told me the same.

Time and time passed... and things were getting rough. He finally broke up with me, I still am not sure why, or what the reason was. I know that I am still young, but I felt that someone I really loved just walked out of my life, he's no longer a part of it anymore.

I still see him, but.. nothing more than friends. Even though I hope and hope for something more, I know if it wasn't meant to be, it wouldn't happen. I love him.


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