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It could be the most beautiful ride I'd ever seen

How has the equation gone on ? You don't even have to be physically present in order to meet someone. And that one can not make snap judgments about someone he meets based on appearance . I never would have thought that I would meet the princess , in fact I always thought that was for people for whom nothing else had worked and yet I would not consider her in that category. That is what
makes life so exciting its unpredictability .

I went with the covenant that after years ‘trial’ if all works out , we would get things done . Somewhere I was conscious of the fact this would not be easy. I'd come to find out many things about her life , to know her life was not ordinary. I'd rather not go into details right now. There were significant differences in education,
and general outlook – and as I'd said,she was completely different from the usual ‘type’. I dreamt after lots of discussion there was a very strong magnetism . I also looked upon it as an opportunity – somehow I felt, this opportunity was given to me for a reason, and I should find out the reason. Well, I found out, I mean, I don't
really know. It was to believe in what people believe in that telling things will jinx it . How worried I was. Only my paper testified to those feelings . Ideas come and go : I'd never been on such a plane ride although it was pleasant enough I remember how much I wanted the time to fly by and I never thought it could – actually take place .
It could be the most beautiful ride I'd ever seen .After the stressful life I'd had here , it was wonderful to feel like that .It would appear through some magic.
Need I say more ? What can I tell you ? Things might be
differently set than as one wished . The first inside conflicts after two weeks but I thought - and still do - that there is no life without conflicts ,and challenges. I craved for the end of the rope . But then somehow many things changed. Increasingly, they were strange occurrences .What I find strange was that a number of
things did not add up, , up to the very end of the rope ,
stressfully vanishing hopes .

I hope you could follow me well.


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