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My entire body was on fire, and I was ging crazy. My lips were tingling

As a Sophomore in highschool, I've seen a lot of relationships start, end, and start again. Sadly, I've never really had a first boyfriend, or a first kiss. That is, until I met "Rian." Rian moved to my hometown at the start of the new year. Him being a Senior, we didn't have any classes together. Well, it was the Homecoming dance, and I was sitting in the bleachers with my best-friend K*. We weren't dancing becuase she felt sick, and I didn't want to leave her there alone. Well, all of a sudden, this guy I didn't even know was walking straight towards me. He stood in front of us, and was looking directly at me. "Would you like to dance?" And what do you think happened next? K* stands up and goes and dances with him. I thought either I was crazy, or she was crazy, because I could have sworn that he was asking me. Well, sure enough, the next week, you saw them in the hall together, or at the movies. They were an official couple. Problem is, I was totally crushing on Rian. Well, Christmas rolled around, and K* was over at my house. Her and Rian had broken up about a week ago. We were talking about it, and I was trying to keep myself from telling her to just shut-up. I was SO angry with her. Then, out of nowhere, she tell's me that she's moving to FLORIDA! I was so mad at myself for being angry with her. We were with each other every day until she left. And I cried myself to sleep for losing my best friend. I felt so alone. Well, one day, I was at the Junior Varsity Girls Soccer game, taking pictures for the year book. After the game, I heard Rian behind me screaming for a girl named Rebecca. Great, I thought. He's already got a new girl friend. Well, I was about to leave, when I heard him calling my name. I turned to see him, and he ran up to me. "Hi" He had the sexiest voice alive!!! "Hello." He smiled at me, and we talked about the game. And I found out that Rebecca was his little sister. I was so relieved. Well, I told him I had to go, and he asked if I wanted a ride home. He was so sweet. When we pulled up to my house, he opened the door for me, and walked me to the front door, which is where he asked me out. I was kinda sceptic at first, becuase he did just go out with my best friend. But I said yes anyways. We arranged for him to pick me up later that night. We didn't have plans, we were just going to hang out and get to know each other. We took a walk, and he slipped his hand into mine. He laced his fingers through mine, and told me something I thought I would never hear. "I was asking you by the way. At Homecoming, I was asking you to dance, not Kaylie." My heart was on fire. We stopped and he looked into my eyes. He told me I was beautiful, and he kissed me. RED ALERT! RED ALERT! I thought I was going to die. My entire body was on fire, and I was ging crazy. My lips were tingling, the way your foot does when it falls asleep. He was so gentle, and so sweet. He kissed me so softly, then he held me in his arms. We dated for about a year, then on my seventeenth birthday, he showed up at my house with a dozen roses. He was so sweet. My parents were gone. They were never home becasue they took pictures for a postcard company. I think they were in Russian or something that night. Well, Rian came over, and we talked for hours. Then we just ended up looking into each others eyes. I knew I loved him. Then he kissed me, and whispered into my ear that he loved me. I told him I loved him to, and he started kising me. Those kissed soon grew more passionate, and, well, you can guess what happened next. Well, the next morning, I woke up, and he was gone. I wanted to scream. I thought that he had just used me.I lay in bed thinking, then, he walked into my bedroom with a small bag, and Tea. He knew I didn't drink coffe, so he drove all the way to the other side of town, to buy me my favorite tea. He set it down on the bed side table, and lay next to me. We held hands and looked at each other. He told me he loved me over and over again. Then, I opened the bag. Inside were two tickets to Six Flags (I've never been before)and a little bok. I opened the little box, and inside was a silver promise ring with a heart shaped saphire. I just stared at it, and he slipped it on my finger. "Promise you'll love me forever?" "Yes" I whispered. Well, that was 46 years ago, and we're still together, and I still have that ring. We were married in our early 30's. Rian went to school, and became a College Proffessor teaching Art History. I am now the administrative director of Doves, and get to travel all over the world!!! Rian is the love of my life. He was my first and last everything...I've never been happier, and I wish the world could know a love like this...


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